Civic Software Foundation Intersectional Futures Network Application Form

We will use this address to get back to you
If you are a student, please put your university, programme and year.
Choose the location where you primarily reside. This is so we understand your timezone and make potential connections to local members.
This might be the same or different than your current home base. It might be where you grew up, where your family is, any other place you feel connected to your identity.
If you have more than one, please list them all.
Feel free to express your idea in real or mythical terms...
If you could spend time learning a new skill set from an expert, what would make you most happy? Do you have ideas for new approaches within your field you would like to deepen?
There's no wrong answer for this.
Please include details about the drudgery and the exuberance. We recognize not all forms of labor are categorized as "professional" but are meaningful and valid.
Another way of thinking about this is, what would make you feel most accomplished after your experience one year from now?
Please note we removed 7 from the rating, as it is often a default "non-answer". If you are on the edge, force yourself to choose 6 or 8 :)
Knowing that life happens and not every week is the same, think of this as monthly or bi-monthly average, not a strict protocol.
It is our goal to create a space for people to form new and meaningful connections but we recognize that it takes effort and energy to do this.
Can you see yourself forming lifelong questions? Can you imagine yourself being a part of the Intersectional Futures Network in 10 years?
Living or dead, accessible or inaccessible. Also, do you know them?
This is optional. Feel free to answer in anyway you feel comfortable.
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