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1. Embed forms in Notion

Use our perfectly optimized, simple forms for your Notion page. Just paste them and it... just works!
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A list collection submissions of a Simple Notion Form

2. Collect form answers within Notion

Once people fill in the form, the answers will come into another Notion page of yours.

Notion Forms by Simple.ink: embed, edit and collect answers, all within Notion

You don't want to spend minutes setting up your form. Spend seconds, with Simple Notion Forms: see what it really means to iterate faster.
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Bottom line? It all works and you won't have to leave the Notion app

How do our Notion Forms look like?

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How to add Notion Forms in 3 steps

How to create a Notion database for a form
30 sec

1. Create a Notion table

Go into a Notion page, type "/database" and press enter. The form submissions from your Notion form will be collected in here
A list of all the forms, in Simple Notion Forms' dashboard
1 min

2. Go to Simple.ink

In our dashboard, you'll spend 1 min or so to make the connection between your Notion form and our systems (no coding required). It takes a few clicks
How to embed a Simple Notion Form
20 sec

3. Type "/embed" ‚Üí done!

After step 2, our dashboard will give you a link. If you type "/embed" and copy that link, your Notion forms will be embedded on your page!

Create beautiful Notion Forms. Embed forms in Notion

The homepage of Simple Notion Forms

Create & integrate Notion forms easily

Beginner? Tech savvy? Doesn't matter - our Notion forms work for you either way. Ease of use is what we aim for
The setup of forms should take seconds, not minutes - or at least that's what we believe
If you agree with us, then Simple Notion Forms is for you
The simplicity of Notion, combined with Simple.ink make for a time-saving combo
Showing multiple forms in the homepage of Simple Notion Forms' dashboard

Unlimited use: infinite forms + infinite form submissions

Remember finding a great form solution, only to see the pricing page with limited # of submissions or forms? Yeah, that's not us
With one plan, you won't need to worry about hitting a quota or being auto-upgraded to a more expensive plan
The more forms you create, the cheaper this gets, as you make the most out of it
A Notion page where all the form submissions are collected

Do it all within Notion

With Simple Notion Forms, you won't have to leave the Notion app, once you've set up your beautiful forms
All form submissions appear in your Notion
All forms can be embedded in Notion (takes 10 seconds)
You can even edit the form from your Notion
How to embed a Simple Notion Form

No-code Notion Forms: 0 lines of code necessary

We've made Simple Notion Forms (as the name suggests) as non-complicated as possible
No coding knowledge is required for you to install our beautiful Notion forms into your pages
All our future features and development are made with no-code in mind: ultimately, Simple Notion Forms is meant to go along with our Notion Website Builder
See your Notion.so forms come to life in seconds
A showcase of technical features our forms cover

We take care of the technical side, you keep building

As time goes by, we keep taking care of the technical side of the forms, while you keep building. Sounds like a fair deal?
Loading speed, file uploads, accessibility, uptime, responsive forms ‚ÄĒ those are all for us.¬†No need to worry about them
Meanwhile, you keep focusing on building the stuff you like, while we take care of the headache
A permission pop-up from Notion, for Simple Notion Forms

Privacy first Notion Forms

When you build your Notion.so forms, you decide which pages we'll get access to
By design, our connection to your Notion is limited ‚ÄĒ our systems can only see the pages you give access to
That means: even if we'd try, we wouldn't be able to snoop around in your Notion pages. Simple Notion Forms respect your privacy by design
Ultimately, you can revoke access to pages at any point
A dropdown with Notion permissions

Collaboration is built-in

Got teammates you want to share access to? Perfectly doable!
Share form answers, or form settings
If you're sharing Notion pages with teammates, you can also share the forms you're building with Simple Notion Forms
Good news: we don't charge "per seat" subscriptions - one subscription means you and your whole team get to use our Notion.so forms!

Try Simple Notion Forms today!

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